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On January 04 we commemorate the anniversary of the following events that occurred in the history of the Meyer Family:

1944 - Sophia Meyer passed away.

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Agnes Dierstein Meyer (Agnes Dierstein Hunsberger)
Anna Catherina Meyer (Anna Catherina Zimmerman)
Anna Catherina Meyer (Anna Catherina Van Deusen)
Anna Meyer (Anna Helmer)
Anna Meyer (Anna Keller)
Anna Meyer (Anna Kratz)
Anna Meyer (Anna Kolb)
Barbara Meyer (Barbara Reiff)
Caroline Meyer (Caroline Montag)
Catherine Meyer (Catherine Brink)
Christian K. Meyer (1763 - 1832)
Christian Meyer (1676 - 1751)
Christian Meyer (1705 - 1787)
Effie Eva Gillise Pieterszen Meyer (Effie Eva Gillise Pieterszen Hanson)
Elisabeth Meyer (Elisabeth Schell)
Elizabeth Meyer (Elizabeth Gehman)
Florrence Imogene Meyer (Florrence Imogene Hilts)
Frederick Meyer (1863 - 1943)
Fronica Meyer (Fronica Wismer)
Henry Meyer (1830 - )
Jacob Meyer (1725 - 1778)
Jacob Meyer (1730 - 1778)
Jacob Meyer
Jellis Pieterszen Van Der Gouw Meyer (1612 - 1676)
Joan Louise Meyer (Joan Louise McGranahan)
Josiah Meyer
Julianna Jo Meyer (Julianna Jo Hilts)
Lavina Meyer (Lavina Hunt)
Leonard Alfred Meyer
Liehard Meyer
Magdalena Meyer (Magdalena Crow)
Magdalene Meyer (Magdalene Hunsberger)
Margaret Meyer (Margaret Helmer)
Maria Catharine Meyer (Maria Catharine Learn)
Mary Meyer (Mary Snyder)
Mary Winifred Meyer (Mary Winifred Rossell)
Matilda Meyer (Matilda Putman)
Matthias Meyer (1720 - 1742)
Mercy Meyer (Mercy Kolb)
Peter Meyer (1714 - 1802)
Regula Meyer (Regula Steiner)
Samuel Meyer (1734 - )
Sarah Meyer (Sarah Schneider)
Sophia Meyer (Sophia Goetz)
Susanna Meyer (Susanna Oesch)
Wesley Meyer
Wilhelmina Mary Meyer (Wilhelmina Mary Greenlaw)

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