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Stone Family

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On January 17 we commemorate the anniversary of the following events that occurred in the history of the Stone Family:

2005 - Bessie Pearl Stone passed away.

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Abijah Howard Stone (1817 - 1896)
Amanda Stone (Amanda Vannatter)
Amos Henry Stone (1890 - 1956)
Amy Stone (Amy Sperry)
Ann Stone (Ann Mew)
Beatrice Beatty Stone (Beatrice Beatty Zimmerman)
Beatrice Stone (Beatrice Walker)
Bessie Pearl Stone (1917 - 2005)
Clifford Stone (1919 - 1920)
Darlene Mazur (Darlene Ston)
Elida Stone (Elida Mudge)
Elizabeth Adelaide Stone (Elizabeth Adelaide Cunningham)
Elizabeth Stone (Elizabeth Wadsworth)
Elizabeth Stone (Elizabeth Cunningham)
Ernest J Stone (1922 - 1947)
Ethel Mae Stone (Ethel Mae Horan)
Ethel Vera Stone (Ethel Vera Chambers)
Hannah Seward Stone (Hannah Seward Norton)
Hannah Stone (1691 - 1727)
Hannah Stone (Hannah Labarre)
John Stone (1668 - 1736)
Martha Stone (Martha Beales)
Mary Ellen Stone (Mary Ellen Hearn)
Mary Stone (Mary Cornish)
Mary Stone (Mary Duer)
Mary Stone (Mary Walker)
Mary Stone (Mary Fox)
Mary Stone (Mary Hunt)
Mary Stone (Mary Lomax)
Maude Augusta Stone (Maude Augusta Shedd)
Nancy Stone (Nancy Mudge)
Nancy Stone (Nancy Breed)
Nathan Stone (1764 - 1840)
Pauline Stone (Pauline Rozelle)
Rachel Stone (Rachel Cobb)
Ralph Leroy Stone (1916 - 1947)
Ray Stone
Raymond Prescutt Stone (1904 - )
Rebecca Stone (Rebecca Dix)
Roberta Stone (Roberta Rozell)
Samuel Stone (1602 - 1663)
Samuel Stone
Sarah Stone (Sarah Butler)
Simon Stone
Stuart David Stone
Susan Matilda Stone (Susan Matilda Boulton)
Susanna Stone (Susanna Goddard)
Tabitha Stone (Tabitha Wheeler)

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