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On June 07 we commemorate the anniversary of the following events that occurred in the history of the Ray Family:

1928 - George Henry Ray married Gladys Mae Roszel.

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Albert Henry Ray (1907 - )
Ambrose Ray
Benjamin Ray
David S Ray (1883 - )
Elizabeth Ray (Elizabeth Chambers)
Elliott Ann Ray (Elliott Ann Whitten)
Fern Ray (Fern Rossell)
Florence Isabelle Ray (Florence Isabelle Rozelle)
George Henry Ray
George Ray
Harriet Ray (Harriet Swan)
Hattie Ray (Hattie Mudge)
James Ray (1750 - 1816)
Jane Ray (Jane Cunningham)
Jean Ray (Jean Nichol)
Lovina Ray (Lovina Aylesworth)
Margaret Ray (Margaret Cunningham)
Mary Jane Ray (Mary Jane Kirkland)
Paradine Ray (Paradine Clayton)
Sarah Jane Ray (Sarah Jane Cunningham)
Susan Maria Ray (Susan Maria Steele)
Victoria Ray (Victoria Rossell)

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