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On November 30 we commemorate the anniversary of the following events that occurred in the history of the Murphy Family:

1856 - Anthony Michael Kennedy married Bridget Murphy.

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Abigail Murphy (Abigail Wilcox)
Ann Murphy (Ann Love)
Aubrey Mervin Murphy (1909 - 1970)
Blanche Iva Murphy (Blanche Iva Wood)
Bridget Murphy (Bridget Kennedy)
Bridget Murphy (Bridget Kennedy)
Brighty Cecelia Murphy (Brighty Cecelia Tolson)
Cathrine C Murphy (Cathrine C Mudge)
Edmund Jeremiah Murphy (1895 - 1976)
Eleanor Murphy (Eleanor Winegarden)
Evan Leroy Murphy (1934 - 2000)
Harriet Backus Murphy (Harriet Backus Earle)
Henrietta Josephine Murphy (Henrietta Josephine Stewart)
John Edward Murphy
Katharine Murphy (Katharine Wilcox)
Margaret Anne Murphy (Margaret Anne Kennedy)
Margaret Murphy (Margaret Copeland)
Maria Murphy (Maria Pease)
Mary Ella Murphy (Mary Ella Lore)
Mary Murphy (Mary Vannatter)
Mary W. Murphy (Mary W. Rogers)
Michael Murphy (1796 - )
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy
Myrtle M. Murphy (Myrtle M. Sage)
Nancy Murphy (Nancy Vannatter)
Robert Emmett Murphy
Rozel Murphy (Rozel Crockett)
Sara G Murphy (Sara G Rossell)
Spiva Murphy
Susan Murphy (Susan Black)
Thomas Murphy (1786 - )
Walter H. Murphy (1893 - )
William Murphy (1866 - 1947)

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