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On January 18 we commemorate the anniversary of the following events that occurred in the history of the Cummings Family:

1818 - Rufus Mudge married Sally Cummings.

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A. N. Cummings
Abraham Cummings (1663 - 1706)
Abraham Cummings (1820 - )
Christina Cummings (Christina Masson)
Clara Annie Cummings (Clara Annie Fowler)
Deborah Elizabeth Cummings (Deborah Elizabeth Wheeler)
Eleanor Cummings (Eleanor Muma)
Ellen Bigelow Cummings (Ellen Bigelow Tryon)
Emma Dorothy Cummings (Emma Dorothy Mudge)
F. C. Cummings
Ida Cummings (Ida Roszel)
James Andrew Cummings (1862 - 1934)
James H. Cummings
John William Cummings
Lucy L. Cummings (Lucy L. Sage)
Lydia L Cummings (Lydia L Trask)
May Cummings (May Montgomerie)
Melville Cummings (Melville Mudge)
Myrtle Cummings (Myrtle Struthers)
Novema Rose Cummings (1928 - )
Olive Cummings (Olive Fowler)
Phillis Cummings (Phillis Russell)
Sally Cummings (Sally Mudge)
Sarah Cummings (Sarah Lincoln)
Sarah Wright Cummings (Sarah Wright Pratt)
Virginia Cummings (Virginia Holmes)
Yale Cummings
Yale Edward Cummings (1927 - )

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