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On August 04 we commemorate the anniversary of the following events that occurred in the history of the Cooke Family:

2001 - Douglas George Loree married Kathleen Shirley Cooke.

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Aaron Cooke (1580 - 1615)
Ann Cooke (Ann Wheeler)
Ann Cooke (Ann Lee)
Carrie Cooke (Carrie Rozelle)
Desire Cooke (Desire Higgins)
Elizabeth Cooke (Elizabeth Russell)
Elizabeth Cooke (Elizabeth Reade)
Elizabeth Cooke (Elizabeth Lawrence)
Hannah Cooke (Hannah Atkins)
Hannah Hurst (Hannah Harding)
Joanna Cooke (Joanna Porter)
Kathleen Shirley Cooke (Kathleen Shirley Loree)
Letha Lettie Cooke (Letha Lettie Williamson)
Margaret Cooke (Margaret Haight)
Mary Cooke (Mary Thompson)
Mary Esther Cooke (Mary Esther Hilts)
Mary Madeline Cooke (Mary Madeline Scoville)
Mercy Cooke (Mercy Greene)
Mildred Cooke (Mildred Cecil)
Molly Cooke (Molly Wadsworth)
Percy Gifford Cooke (1897 - )
Peter Cooke (1720 - )
Ralph Cooke ( - 1836)
Sarah Inez Cooke (Sarah Inez Roszell)
Sarah Mary Cooke (Sarah Mary Fiske)
Saul Cooke (1757 - 1846)
Susanna Cooke (Susanna Jenkins)

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